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Historic images of Washington

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U.S. Capitol from Pennsylvania Ave. 2004.


U.S. Capitol from New Jersey Ave. 2004.


U.S. Capitol from National Association of Realtors. 2004

U.S. Capitol. 2004.

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US Capitol. View from the East. 2004.

U.S. Capitol from across Potomac. 2005

New Jersey Avenue looking South from Massachusetts Avenue. 2006. [BFC-03336]

Capitol grounds. Waiting Station. 2005


Looking South-East from 3rd and I street NW. 2007.


View from 3rd St.and Massachusetts Ave, NW
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View from 3rd St. and H St. NE

Rally at the Capitol to protest the health care reform. November 5, 2009


Rally at the Capitol to protest the Obamacare. March 20, 2010

Historic images...        

US Capitol. 1930s.

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US Capitol

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Color lithograph 1896.

More un-catalogued images and documents:

Capitol from the Newseum terrace. 2008