Washington, DC          K Street NW                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Boris Feldblyum Architectural Photography

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Historic images of Washington

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475 K Street NW. CityVista. 2011

476 K Street NW. 2005


607 K Street NW. 2005


611 K Street NW. 2005

801 K Street NW. City Museum.


1101 K Street NW. 2007

Franklin_Sq_2004050501w.jpg (42895 bytes)

K Street and Franklin Square.


1301 K Street NW


K Street at 19th, looking East. 2006


1909 K Street. NW. 2005.

The Millennium Building, Architects: Boggs & Partners.

K_Str_NW_1909w.jpg (40513 bytes)

1909 K Street. NW. 2003.


 2001 K Street, NW. William P. Rogers Building. 2004.


2175 K Street, NW. 2012.

2501 K Street, NW.

Barclay House. 2005

2900 K Street, NW. 

Architect: VOA Associates Inc. (2006)
Developer: Armada Hoffler

2900 K Street, NW.  House of Sweden.