FAST Records Index

The index points to the records in the collection. Approximately 12,300 names were indexed. It allows browsing if exact spelling is not known. Two versions of the index are available: sorted by surname-name-town, and one sorted by town-surname-name.

When more than one town is listed in the same record, an additional database record is created. For example, the newborn's father is shown as a registered resident of a different town, sometimes it may be the motherís town. In all cases, the same record number means the same record is referenced.

Actual records are identified by the last column ("FAST LOCATION"). Copies of actual records are available at US$36.00 each, domestic shipping is included; foreign shipping please add US$4.00. High resolution image files are available upon request.

We accept US cash, personal checks from US banks only, payable to Boris Feldblyum, or electronic payments via the secure PayPal site,  Please add 4% paypal fees.  The email address to use at PayPal is All services are prepaid.

Document types are listed in column five and area self-explanatory, e.g. B for Birth, M for Marriage, etc. Most records are in Russian, Hebrew, or Polish.

Translations are not included with records, and are available upon request at an additional cost. Unfortunately, we cannot provide detailed answers about any records without doing a complete translation.

If you have questions, please write.


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