We Fought the Nazis in 1941-1945

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The index is based on a two-volume compilation, which was published privately in New York in 1982-1987, under the auspices of the Association of Crippled Invalids of World War II Who Immigrated to the USA from the USSR. As of this writing (December 2002), it is unlikely the Association is still in existence. We do not have any further information about the Association or its members.

The first volume contains several dozen short memoirs, most likely by members of the Association. The second volume contains short (from two lines to one page) biographies of Jewish War veterans who immigrated to the USA and Canada from the Soviet Union in the 1970s-1980s. Many articles contain passport size photos. Most articles contain references to the last place of residence in the USA or Canada. Inquiries about the detailes of specific articles cannot be entertained.

Photocopies of articles are available at US$18 each. English translations, if needed, are available at 25c/word, $40 minimum.

To order a photocopy of an article, please copy the heading ("We Fought the Nazis") and the complete entry from the list and send it to:

FAST Genealogy Service
8510 Wild Olive Drive
Potomac, MD 20854, USA

Orders can also be e-mailed to boris@bfcollection.net

Please make check payable to Boris Feldblyum. US funds only please.

We also accept payments via www.paypal.com.  The reference address is boris@bfcollection.net

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Abramov Lvov region Ukr
Abramovich Katerinovka Ukr
Aginsky Minsk Byel
Agulnik Odessa Ukr
Aizenberg Gaisin, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Aizenberg Kiev Ukr
Aizenberg Odessa Ukr
Aizenberg Pinsk Byel
Aizenshtat Kiev Ukr
Aizenshtein Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region Ukr
Aizenshtein Kiev Ukr
Aliuzman Lvov Ukr
Andrievsky Kiev Ukr
Andrievsky Novograd-Volynsky, Zhitomir region Ukr
Appel Odessa Ukr
Ar'yev Rezekne Latv
Arbisman Zhitomir Ukr
Aristov Odessa Ukr
Aronov Kiev Ukr
Aronov Vasilkov, Kiev region Ukr
Averbukh Ludza Latv
Avrutsky Kiev Ukr
Babitsky Gomel Byel
Babitsky Kiev Ukr
Baiman Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region Ukr
Balagula Odessa Ukr
Banin Zhashkov, Kiev region Ukr
Bargman Bershad, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Bargman Gaisin, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Bargman Kiev Ukr
Barkagan Kiev Ukr
Barkan Kiev Ukr
Barsht Staro-Zaburyevskoe Ukr
Basov Kojdanovo Byel
Basov Lvov Ukr
Batratsky Odessa Ukr
Begelmakher Odessa Ukr
Beigelman Odessa Ukr
Beilin Gomel Byel
Beilin Kaunas Lith
Beizel Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region Ukr
Beizel Kiev Ukr
Bekerman Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Bekker Lutsk Ukr
Belblyum Kishinev Mold
Belenky Riga Lat
Beliavin Borisov Byel
Beliavsky Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Beliavsky Myshkovichi Byel
Bendersky Kiev Ukr
Benfeld Odessa Ukr
Benimovich Odessa Ukr
Benisovich Nikopol Ukr
Berdichevsky Vulf Kharkov Ukr
Berenboim Zhitomir Ukr
Berengut Baku Azerb
Berengut Michow Pol
Berezovsky Odessa Ukr
Berhman Baku Azerb
Berhman Poltava Ukr
Beriy V.N. Beltsy Mold
Berkovich Kremenchug Ukr
Beskin Vitebsk Byel
Bessran Ukr
Bezman Kiev Ukr
Bezman Ovruch, Zhitomir region Ukr
Bibergal Odessa Ukr
Bimbat Vitebsk Byel
Binder Skvira, Kiev region Ukr
Birbayer Gomel Byel
Birger Minsk Byel
Birger Ovruch, Zhitomir region Ukr
Birman Ananyev, Odessa region Ukr
Birman Odessa Ukr
Birzen Riga Lat
Bletnitsky Odessa Ukr
Blinder Odessa Ukr
Bliumin Gomel Byel
Bliumkin Klimovichi, Mogilev region Byel
Bliumkin Odessa Ukr
Blokh Odessa Ukr
Bogorad Vitebsk Byel
Boguslavsky Ukr
Boguslavsky Kiev Ukr
Boiko Odessa Ukr
Bolotsky Donetsk Ukr
Bolotsky Kremenchug Ukr
Bondarovsky Odessa Ukr
Borik M. Odessa Ukr
Borik Yu. Odessa Ukr
Borodovsky Odessa Ukr
Brainin Gomel Byel
Brainin Lvov Ukr
Briskman Kiev Ukr
Britva L.A. Minsk Byel
Brodsky Kharkov Ukr
Brodsky Kiev Ukr
Brodsky Lvov Ukr
Bromberg Odessa Ukr
Bromberg Vinnitsa Ukr
Buber Nikolayev Ukr
Buchin Nikolayev Ukr
Buchin Tashkent Uzbek
Budnitsky Lvov Ukr
Budnitsky Nikolayev Ukr
Bukchin Chernovtsy Ukr
Bukchin Miloshevichi Byel
Bukengolts Glusk Byel
Bukengolts Minsk Byel
Bukhin Chigirin, Cherkassy region Ukr
Bukhin Kiev Ukr
Bukingolts Zaporozhye Ukr
Bumagin Gorodok, Vitebsk region Byel
Bunimovich Ludza Lat
Bunimovich Riga Lat
Burmanov Riga Lat
Burshtein Kiev Ukr
Burshtein Zhitomir region Ukr
Buzhor Dubossary Mold
Bykov Odessa Ukr
Chaikovsky Kiev Ukr
Chapichev Ukr
Chemerevsky Yenakiyevo, Donetsk region Ukr
Cheniak Sevastopol Ukr
Cherches L.A. Minsk Byel
Cherniakhovsky I. Kiev Ukr
Chernov Kishinev Mold
Chervets Kiev Ukr
Chervets Vasilkov, Kiev region Ukr
Chervony I.M. Ukr
Chervony L.E. Ukr
Darman Odessa Ukr
Dashevsky Ukr
Datskovsky Zhitomir Ukr
Davidovsky Kiev Ukr
Deich Odessa Ukr
Deichman Kremenchug Ukr
Dekhman Mold
Dimant Kirsava Lat
Dinerman Kiev Ukr
Dinerman Tarashcha, Kiev region Ukr
Dobkin M. Borisov Byel
Dobkin Z. Vasilkov,  Kiev region Ukr
Dobrin Ukr
Dolgonovsky Konotop Ukr
Dolzhansky Krivoi Rog Ukr
Domberg Odessa Ukr
Domberg Strasheny Mold
Dorfman Zhitomir region Ukr
Dorodny Odessa Ukr
Dorodny Tashkent Uzbek
Dosik Ivano-Frankovsk Ukr
Dosik Zhitomir Ukr
Drapatsky Khodorkov, Zhitomir region Ukr
Drapatsky Kiev Ukr
Drapkin Kharkov Ukr
Drukker Mogilev Byel
Dubinsky L. Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Dubinsky R. Kiev Ukr
Dubnov Mariupol Ukr
Dubovoi Kiev Ukr
Dukarevich Poltava Ukr
Dvorian Minsk Byel
Dvorian Staroselye, Mogilev region Byel
Dvorkin Tbilisi Georgia
Dvorkin Vitebsk region Byel
Dvukhbavny Talnoe Ukr
Dynin Kharkov Ukr
Dynkin Zhlobin Byel
Dyskin Kadimo Ukr
Dzetsker Chernovtsy Ukr
Eidis Kirovograd Ukr
Eidis Tashkent Uzbek
Elgart Kiev Ukr
Elkin Kiev Ukr
Elkin Sechnovka, Poltava region Ukr
Emes Ukr
Epshtein R.L. Odessa Ukr
Epshtein R.L. Slutsk Byel
Ettinger Minsk Byel
Ettinger Riga Lat
Fainberg M. D. Tarashcha, Kiev region Ukr
Fainberg N. Tarashcha, Kiev region Ukr
Fainshtein Kiev Ukr
Fainshtein Litin, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Farber E. M. Lepen, Mogilev region Byel
Farber E. M. Minsk Byel
Farber S. M. Rovno Ukr
Fayer Kishinev Mold
Fayerman Kiev Ukr
Fayerman Pikov, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Feigin Kiev Ukr
Feldblyum I. Ya. Vilnius Lith
Feldblyum I. Ya. Zhitomir Ukr
Feldman B. Ya. Chepovichi, Kiev region Ukr
Feldman M. A. Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Feldman M. A. Kiev Ukr
Feldman M. A. Odessa Ukr
Feldman M. A. Ovruch, Zhitomir region Ukr
Feldman M. K. Bershad, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Feldman M. K. Monastyrishche, Cherkassy region Ukr
Feldman M. Ya. Odessa region Ukr
Felgendler Odessa Ukr
Felzenshtein Kharkov Ukr
Ferdman Rybnitsa Mold
Fetman Chepovivhi, Zhitomir region Ukr
Filler Zhitomir Ukr
Finik I.A. Lvov Ukr
Finkelshtein A.Kh Kishinev Mold
Finn Brunavas (?) Lith (?
Finn Minsk Byel
Fisanovich Ukr
Fiterman Poznanka, Odessa region Ukr
Fleishman Kiev Ukr
Fleishman Riga Lat
Forzun Korostyshev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Fraiman Minsk Byel
Freidenson Daugavpils Lat
Freidenson Riga Lat
Frenkel Iziaslav, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Fridman N.Ye. Gomel Byel
Fridman N.Ye. Petrinov, Gomel region Byel
Frimershtein Cherny Ostrov, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Frimershtein Odessa Ukr
Frishman Zhitomir Ukr
Frumin Gomel Byel
Frumin Riga Lat
Fuksman Kopatkevichi, Gomel region Byel
Fundyler Minsk Byel
Fursov Kiev Ukr
Fusman M.S. Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Futernik L.A. Monastyrishche, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Futernik L.A. Riga Lat
Futernik M.Sh. Monastyrishche, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Gaba Chernovtsy Ukr
Gaba Yampol, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Galant Kiev Ukr
Galbershtad Kaishiadoris Lith
Galbershtad Utena Lith
Galbershtad Vilnius Lith
Galperin S. Pol
Galperin V. Odessa Ukr
Gamarnik Sterlitsa, Cherkassy region Ukr
Gammer Zhitomir Ukr
Garber Kiev Ukr
Garber Rzhishchev, Kiev region Ukr
Gardeman Sofievka Ukr
Garfunkin Yanovichi Byel
Gavi Minsk Byel
Geitser Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Gelfand Cherven Byel
Gelferg Kiev region Ukr
Gelman Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Gelvan Daugavpils Lat
Gendelman Kiev Ukr
Gendelman Lvov Ukr
Genin Minsk Byel
Genshtein Odessa Ukr
Gershkovich A.G. Odessa Ukr
Gershkovich A.G. Savran, Odessa region Ukr
Gershovich Mynkovtsy, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Gershtein Lvov Ukr
Giller Kh.A. Kiev Ukr
Giller M. Skvira, Kiev region Ukr
Gimperovich Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Ginaite Lith
Gitis Khmelnik, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Gleibman Kiev Ukr
Gliner Kiev Ukr
Glushchenko Kiev Ukr
Goikhman I.A. Lugansk Ukr
Goikhman Sh.R. Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Golbraikh Beshenkovichi Byel
Gold Kagul Mold
Goldberg R. Daugavpils Lat
Goldberg R. Riga Lat
Goldin F.L. Orsha Byel
Goldshtein Odessa Ukr
Golomb I.M. Kaishiadoris Lith
Golomb I.M. Vilnius Lith
Gomer Lvov Ukr
Gonchar Kirovograd Ukr
Gopnik Zhitomir Ukr
Gorbatiuk Zvenigorodka, Kiev region Ukr
Gorbaty-Kaliko Glubochek, Zhitomir region Ukr
Gorelaya Mogilev Byel
Gorelik Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Gorelik Osipovichi Byel
Gorelik A. Parichi, Bobruisk area, Gomel reg Byel
Gorelik Kh. Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Gorelik M. Gomel region Byel
Gorelik S. Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Gorelik V. Parichi, Bobruisk area, Gomel reg Byel
Gorelik V. Riga Lat
Gorelik Ya. Parichi, Bobruisk area, Gomel reg Byel
Gorenshtein Korosten, Zhitomir region Ukr
Gorenshtein Odessa Ukr
Gorin Murafa, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Gorin Odessa Ukr
Gorodetsky Kiev Ukr
Gorodetsky K. Kiev Ukr
Gorodetsky S. Vetka, Gomel region Byel
Gorokhovsky Kiev Ukr
Gotkin Kremenchug Ukr
Gotlibb Kremenchug Ukr
Gotsuliar Balta, Odessa region Ukr
Gotsuliar Odessa Ukr
Graber Odessa Ukr
Grabsky Kiev Ukr
Graizel Gomel Byel
Gribov Odessa? Ukr
Grichener Kishinev Mold
Grinberg A. Ya. Odessa Ukr
Grinberg A.I. Dolinsk, Odessa region Ukr
Grinberg G. Ya. Zhitomir region Ukr
Grodzinsky Kharkov Ukr
Groisman Shavran, Odessa region Ukr
Grosh Pogrebishche Vinnitsa region Ukr
Gruz Teplik, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Gulman Kiev Ukr
Gunitsky Artemovsk, Donetsk region Ukr
Guralnik Vinnitsa region Ukr
Gurevich Cherven Byel
Gurevich G. Minsk Byel
Gurevich G. Rontso, Vitebsk region Byel
Gurvich Borisov Byel
Gutkin Vitebsk Byel
Gutman Odessa Ukr
Gutnik N.M. Borodianka, Kiev region Ukr
Guz Gomel Byel
Guzman Kiev Ukr
Halo Poltava region Ukr
Hassin Ukr
Hatskevich Chernigov region Ukr
Hibner Pol
Hirgin Orsha Byel
Hohlov Byel
Ingberman Dunayevtsy, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Ioffe L. Pliavinas Lat
Isakov Tashkent Uzbek
Itskevich Lvov Ukr
Itskevich Tbilisi Georgia
Itskovsky Kiev Ukr
Ivliev Kopel, Minsk region Byel
Ivliev Minsk Byel
Izikson Minsk Byel
Kabanov Odessa Ukr
Kadyshevich Kaunas region Lith
Kadyshevich Vitebsk Byel
Kagan S. Byel
Kagan Z. Daugavpils Lat
Kagan Z. Riga Lat
Kaganovich B. Kiev Ukr
Kaganovich B. Konotop Ukr
Kaganovich G. Kiev Ukr
Kaganovsky M. Odessa Ukr
Kaganovsky Ya. Kiev Ukr
Kalika Odessa Ukr
Kamenetsky Kiev Ukr
Kaminsky S.I. Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Kaminsky S.Sh. Minsk Byel
Kan' Odessa Ukr
Kanda Boguslav, Kiev region Ukr
Kanovich Kalinovsky district, Vinnitsa reg Ukr
Kanovich Odessa Ukr
Kaplan Skorodnoe Byel
Kaplan B. Bragin Byel
Kaplan B. Minsk Byel
Kaplan K.N. Riga Lat
Kaplan L.I. Minsk Byel
Kaplan L.I. Stolin, Brest region Byel
Kaplan S.M. Polonnoye, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Kaplan S.S. Kiev Ukr
Kaplan V. Kiev Ukr
Kaplunov Glukhov Ukr
Kapner Odessa Ukr
Karan Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Karan Minsk Byel
Karant Kiev Ukr
Karant Zhitomir Ukr
Karasik Lvov Ukr
Karasik Urechye, Slutsk area, Minsk regio Byel
Karayev Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Kardos P.I. Riga Lat
Kardos P.I. Trieste Italy
Karpus Daugavpils Lat
Karpus Riga Lat
Katunin Gomel Byel
Katz B. Kiev Ukr
Katz Leonid Balta, Odessa region Ukr
Katz Leonid Kiev Ukr
Katz M. M. Kiev Ukr
Kazhdan Bobr, Orsgansky region Byel
Kazinets Minsk Byel
Keller Lvov Ukr
Keller Zhitomir Ukr
Kernerman Zhitomir Ukr
Keselman Pol
Keselman Ukr
Khalupsky Odessa Ukr
Khankin Velizh, Vitebsk region Byel
Khasin S.M. Drogobych Ukr
Khasin Yu.Z. Zolotonosha, Cherkassy region Ukr
Khavich Odessa Ukr
Khazanovich Kiev Ukr
Kheifets V.E. Priluki, Chernigov region Ukr
Khein Kraslava Lat
Khein Riga Lat
Khmelnitsky Kiev region Ukr
Khodorkovsky Kharkov Ukr
Khodorkovsky Koriukovka, Chernigov region Ukr
Khodorovsky Kiev Ukr
Khodos Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Kholodenko Kiev Ukr
Kholopov Odessa Ukr
Khuchua Samtredia Georgia
Khudiak Baranovka, Zhitomir region Ukr
Khusid I.N. Kishinev Mold
Kilevsky Zhitomir Ukr
Kiperman Korosten, Zhitomir region Ukr
Kipnis A. E. Kiev Ukr
Kipnis A. M. Odessa Ukr
Kirsanov Kiev Ukr
Kirzner Odessa Ukr
Kisilis Odessa Ukr
Kiyanovsky Kiev Ukr
kKhotimliansky Riga Lat
kKhotimliansky Simpheropol Ukr
Kleiman Odessa Ukr
Kliuchman Krivoye Ozero, Odessa region Ukr
Kobernik Kiev region Ukr
Kofman Odessa Ukr
Kogan B. L. Odessa Ukr
Kogan G. Sh. Mozyr Byel
Kogan L. P. Domrovitsa Mold
Kogan L. P. Kishinev Mold
Kogan L.L. Tokmak, Zaporozhye region Ukr
Kolb Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Kolb Kiev Ukr
Kolodkin Minsk Byel
Konovalov Nadezhnaya Ukr
Konsky Riga Lat
Konsky Vilnius Lith
Kopelevich Daugavpils Lat
Koprov Kapreshty Mold
Korsunsky Artemovsk, Donetsk region Ukr
Kotliar L. Odessa Ukr
Kotliar R. Riga Lat
Kotliarenko Ukr
Kotliarsky Nestasha Ukr
Koval Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Koval Svisloch, Mogilev region Byel
Kozinec Byel
Kozlenko Shpola, Cherkassy reg. Ukr
Krasnik Kokhonovo Byel
Kravets Melitopol Ukr
Kravetsky Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Kravetsky Minsk Byel
Kreiman Kiev Ukr
Kremenchug Kremenchug Ukr
Kremer Gomel Byel
Krivoruchko Zhidivsk, Odessa region Ukr
Krol Minsk Byel
Krugliak Polotsk, Vitebsk region Byel
Krugliak Vilnius Lith
Kruglikov Odessa Ukr
Krumer Kiev Ukr
Krupkin Borisov Byel
Kubansky Odessa Ukr
Kuchma Kiev Ukr
Kudriavitsky Khislavichi Ukr
Kupchik Kiev Ukr
Kuperman M. Zhabokriya, Vinnitsa reg. Ukr
Kuperman Z. Chernovtsy Ukr
Kuperman Z. Zhitomir Ukr
Kupershtein Cherkassy Ukr
Kur Kiev Ukr
Kushnir Odessa Ukr
Kustanovich Glusk Byel
Kustanovich Minsk Byel
Kuts Polonnoye, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Kvartin Pervomaisk Ukr
Lagodsky Chernobyl, Kiev region Ukr
Lakhovsky Chernobyl, Kiev region Ukr
Langbord Kharkov Ukr
Lantsman Zhmerinka, Vinnitsa reg. Ukr
Lapidus M. L. Odessa Ukr
Leibin Baku Azerb
Leibin Odessa Ukr
Leiderman Kodyma, Odessa region Ukr
Leiderman Odessa Ukr
Leifer Odessa Ukr
Leiferman Medzhibozh, Kamenets-Podolsk regi Ukr
Leikind-Kizelshte Minsk Byel
Leizer N. A. Odessa Ukr
Leizerov Minsk Byel
Leizerovich Chernobyl, Kiev region Ukr
Lekukh Daugavpils Lat
Lekukh Riga Lat
Leshchinsky Kiev Ukr
Letuchy Dobroye Ukr
Lev Odessa Ukr
Lev Tishkovka Ukr
Levental Beltsy Mold
Levental Lvov Ukr
Levin Baku Azerb
Levin A. Byel?
Levin A. A. Anykshchiai Lith
Levin A. I. Oshmiany Byel
Levin B. G. Minsk Byel
Levin G. I. Borisov Byel
Levin L. M. Kholopenichi Byel
Levin L. M. Minsk Byel
Levin M. Byel?
Levin M. L. Vitebsk region Byel
Levin P. O. Donetsk Ukr
Levin S. S. Odessa Ukr
Levin S.A. Anykshchiai Lith
Levin V. K. Dunayevtsy, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Levin V. K. Vinnitsa Ukr
Levin Ya. I. Resekne Lat
Levin Ya. I. Riga Lat
Levin Z. Byel?
Levintaner Odessa Ukr
Levit M.G. Kiev Ukr
Levit M.G. Tarashcha, Kiev region Ukr
Levitan Zaporozhye region Ukr
Levitas Kiev Ukr
Levitas Korosten, Zhitomir region Ukr
Levitsky K. Kiev Ukr
Lezhen S.I. Kiev Ukr
Liberchuk Kiev Ukr
Liberman G. Byel
Lifshits S.I. Staryye Dorogi, Minsk region Byel
Likhterman Minsk Byel
Linetsky Nikolayev Ukr
Lipets Minsk Byel
Lipnitsky Gornostaipol, Kiev region Ukr
Lipnitsky Kiev Ukr
Lishnevsky Kherson Ukr
Litman Novoselitsy, Chernovtsy region Ukr
Litvak A.L. Odessa Ukr
Litvak A.N. Kiev Ukr
Litvak A.N. Radomyshl, Zhitomir region Ukr
Litvak M. Ukr
Litvak S.I. Chernovtsy Ukr
Litvak S.I. Odessa region Ukr
Litvak Ye. B. Bershad, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Litvinsky Lvov Ukr
Liubarov Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Liumkis Kiev Ukr
Livshits B.A. Parichi, Bobruisk area, Gomel reg Byel
Livshits I.A. Minsk Byel
Livshits R.K. Gomel Byel
Logovinsky Ukr
Lopatin Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Lozovsky Boguslav, Kiev region Ukr
Lozovsky Kiev Ukr
Lunts Dresden Ger
Lurie Tallin Est
Lustik P.M. Kiev Ukr
Lustik P.M. Lodz Pol
Lutsky Zhitomir Ukr
Lvovich Byel
Magidman Kiev Ukr
Maizels Byel?
Maizenberg Kiev Ukr
Maizlis Kremenchug Ukr
Makhinson Riga Lat
Marder Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Marder Kiev Ukr
Margulian Tashkent Uzbek
Margulis Skvira, Kiev region Ukr
Markovsky Romny, Sumy region Ukr
Maryanovsky Novy Bug Ukr
Mashalov Kishinev Mold
Mashalov Lvov Ukr
Mashkautsan Mold
Mats Poltava region Ukr
Mazover Kharkov Ukr
Mebelis Kaishiadoris Lith
Mebelite I.M. Kaishiadoris Lith
Mebelite I.M. Vilnius Lith
Medvedev Krasnoye, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Meikler Odessa Ukr
Meizler Kiev Ukr
Melakh Odessa Ukr
Melamed Kiev Ukr
Meltser Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Meltser Riga Lat
Men Kiev Ukr
Meniuk Brovary, Kiev region Ukr
Meniuk Komarovo, Volynskaya obl. Ukr
Mesterman Beltsy Mold
Mesterman Bucuresti Rom
Mikhlin Kharkov Ukr
Mikityansky Kiev Ukr
Milman A. Kishinev Mold
Milman A. Tashkent Uzbek
Milner Monastyrshchina Ukr
Mironov Kiev Ukr
Mirsky Chernobyl, Kiev region Ukr
Mirskyi Kiev Ukr
Miuge Odessa Ukr
Mizikov Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region Ukr
Mogilevsky-Gurvic Liozno, Vitebsk region Byel
Molodetskyi Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Moor Krakow Pol
Moor Lvov Ukr
Mordkhlin Minsk Byel
Morozovskyi Zhitomir region Ukr
Movshovich Kiev Ukr
Movshovich Nemirov, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Mozeshtam Riga Lat
Multianer Ananyev, Odessa region Ukr
Naroditskyi Polesskoye, Kiev region Ukr
Naroditskyi Riga Lat
Neer Odessa Ukr
Nemirovsky Ternovka, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Nirshberg Gogolevo, Kiev region Ukr
Novoseletsky Borodianka, Kiev region Ukr
Novoseletsky Kiev Ukr
Nudel Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Nudelman Odessa Ukr
Ocheret Zhitomir Ukr
Okh Kamenets-Podolsky region Ukr
Okh Taskent Uzbek
Okopnik Bar, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Olshansky Kiev Ukr
Orlikov Odessa Ukr
Orlov Chemkhovsky area, Chernigov regio Ukr
Orlov Simpheropol Ukr
Orlovsky Ternovka, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Oronov Gorodnia, Chernigov region Ukr
Oshmiansky Odessa Ukr
Ostrov Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Ostrov Kiev Ukr
Palatnikov Krivoye Ozero, Odessa region Ukr
Palchik Mogilev Byel
Paperny Slavuta Ukr
Pasternak M. A. Kiev Ukr
Pavlotsky Tiraspol Mold
Pavlovsky Borispol, Kiev region Ukr
Pechersky Efingar, Nikolayev region Ukr
Pechersky Kharkov Ukr
Perepletchikov Gomel Byel
Perepletchikov Riga Lat
Peshchansky Kiev Ukr
Peshchansky Piatnikov Byel
Piatetsky Kiev Ukr
Piatetsky Zhitomir Ukr
Piatsky Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Piliper Komsomolsk, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Plavnik Chashniki, Vitebsk region Byel
Plavnik Minsk Byel
Pliam Odessa Ukr
Plisser Odessa Ukr
Poberezhsky Bratslav, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Pobirsky Kishinev Mold
Podgorets Pol
Podgorets Sokal, Lvov region Ukr
Podkaminer Odessa Ukr
Podolsky M. Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region Ukr
Podolsky M. Kiev Ukr
Podolsky M.S. Odessa Ukr
Podolsky M.S. Odessa region Ukr
Podolsky Ya. Artemovsk, Donetsk region Ukr
Pokrashevsky Fastov, Kiev region Ukr
Poliak Zhitomir Ukr
Poliakov A. M.Zlatopol, Kiev region Ukr
Poliakov N. Kiev Ukr
Polishchuk Lukovo, Volyn region Ukr
Polishchuk Odessa Ukr
Poloiko Minsk Byel
Poloiko Uzda, Minsk region Byel
Polonetsky Vinnitsa region Ukr
Portnov I. Odessa Ukr
Portnov L. Ozarichi, Gomel region Byel
Pozin Odessa Ukr
Pritsker Kiev Ukr
Pritykin Minsk Byel
Prygov Kharkov region Ukr
Pryimak G. Chernukhi, Poltava, region Ukr
Pryimak R. Zolotonosha, Poltava region Ukr
Puchayev Kokand Uzbek
Rabinovich D.G. Ukr
Rabinovich I.E. Riga Lat
Rabinovich I.E. Yelgava Lat
Rabinovich L.G. Malin, Zhitomir region Ukr
Rabinovich L.I. Lvov Ukr
Rabinovich L.I. Zhitomir Ukr
Rabinovich S.P. Kopil Byel
Radzikhovsky Kiev Ukr
Radzikhovsky Shepetovka, Kamenets-Podolsky reg Ukr
Raidmanov Kishinev Mold
Raikhlin Volyshki, Vitebsk region Byel
Raikin Kharkov Ukr
Raikin Kherson Ukr
Raines Minsk Byel
Raisberg Belokorovichi, Zhitomir region Ukr
Raisberg Kiev Ukr
Raizman G.M. Kiev Ukr
Raizman M.G. Dneprodzerzhynsk Ukr
Raizman Z.A. Kiev Ukr
Rakhmilevich Rechitsa Byel
Rankov Zolotonosha, Poltava region Ukr
Rasberg Ye. Kiev Ukr
Rashkovsky Golovskoye, Nikolayev region Ukr
Rashkovsky Odessa Ukr
Raude Golovanevsk, Odessa region Ukr
Rechester A.I. Zakharyevka, Odessa region Ukr
Rechester B.A. Zakharyevka, Odessa region Ukr
Rechester L.B. Bucuresti Rom
Rechester L.B. Kiev Ukr
Rechester L.B. Zakharyevka, Odessa region Ukr
Rechin Minsk Byel
Reingold L.Kh. Kiev Ukr
Reznik Sh. P. Kiev Ukr
Reznik Sh. P. Ruzhin, Zhitomir region Ukr
Reznik Ya. B. Vinnitsa region Ukr
Reznikov L. L. Lvov Ukr
Reznikov Ya. M. Kotovsk Mold
Riabenky Gomel Byel
Ringo L. M. Riga Lat
Ringo N. G. Riga Lat
Risman Zhitomir Ukr
Rivash Vilnius Lith
Rivkin Chernigov Ukr
Rivkin Volyntsi, Vitebsk region Byel
Rogachevsky Kiev Ukr
Rogozin Romny, Sumy region Ukr
Roiter Ch. M. Lutsk Ukr
Roiter Ch. M. Odessa Ukr
Roiter S. Ya. Polonnoye, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Roiter S. Ya. Rovno Ukr
Roitman B. N. Odessa region Ukr
Roitman L. S. Khashchevato Ukr
Roitman L. S. Odessa Ukr
Roitman Sh.L. Ukr
Roizenbasser Fastov, Kiev region Ukr
Romanovsky Odessa Ukr
Rozenshtein Odessa Ukr
Rozenvais Odessa Ukr
Rozenvald Kielce Pol
Rozenwald Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Rubinshtein Svisloch, Mogilev region Byel
Rubinshtein B. B. Vinnitsa Ukr
Rubinsonas Lith
Ruchevsky Kamykovichi, Gomel region Byel
Ruchevsky Minsk Byel
Rudman Tiraspol Mold
Rudman E. Chechelnik, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Rudman N.Sh. Chechelnik, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Rudnitsky Gomel Byel
Rudoi Lvov Ukr
Rudoi Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Rusman Shepetovka, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Ruvinsky Cherkassy Ukr
Sakovich Odessa Ukr
Samiter Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Sandler B. I. Odessa Ukr
Sandler M. I. Odessa Ukr
Sankisov Vinnitsa region Ukr
Savinets Odessa Ukr
Segal M. M. Novograd-Volynsky, Zhitomir regio Ukr
Seigalus Nikolaev Ukr
Serper Odessa Ukr
Seryi Kazatin, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Seryi Kiev Ukr
Shafarenko Kiev Ukr
Shafarenko Priluki, Chernigiv region Ukr
Shagalov Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Shakhnovich Zhitomir region Ukr
Shal Odessa Ukr
Shamis L.Kh. Kiev Ukr
Shamis M.M. Chudnov, Zhitomir region Ukr
Shampansky Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Shampansky Kiev Ukr
Shandalov Gomel Byel
Shapiro I.D. Kiev Ukr
Shaposhnikov Kishinev Mold
Shcherbakov Kiev Ukr
Shcherbinin Pol
Shcherbinin Lutsk Ukr
Shchukin A.I. Rogachev, Gomel region Byel
Sheinkerman Kotovsk, Odessa region Ukr
Sheinkman Ukr
Sheinkman Redka, Mozyr region Byel
Shekhtman L.D. Kiev Ukr
Shekhtman L.D. Malin, Zhitomir region Ukr
Shekhtman N.L. Kiev Ukr
Sher A.M. Chernovtsy Ukr
Sher A.M. Khmelnitsky Ukr
Sherman Zhitomir Ukr
Sherman L.I. Kiev Ukr
Sherman L.I. Olgopol, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Shifman Polotsk, Vitebsk region Byel
Shifrin Mstislavl Byel
Shimanovsky K.A. Chernobyl, Kiev region Ukr
Shimanovsky L.A. Kishinev Mold
Shinder Kiev region Ukr
Shkolnik Dubossary Mold
Shkolnik Kh.N. Berezovka, Odessa region Ukr
Shkolnik Kh.N. Tiraspol Mold
Shkolnik M.L. Dubossary Mold
Shkolnik M.L. Tiraspol Mold
Shkolnik S. Tiraspol Mold
Shkolnikov Gomel Byel
Shkolnikov Streshni, Gomel region Byel
Shleimovich V.G. Bolgrad Ukr
Shleimovich V.G. Leovo Mold
Shleimovich V.G. Lvov Ukr
Shlez Ochakov, Nikolayev region Ukr
Shmelkin Kiev Ukr
Shmelkin Lipovets, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Shmidov B.Ye. Minsk Byel
Shmidov B.Ye. Uvarovichi, Gomel region Byel
Shmidov I.G. Slavgorod Byel
Shmushkovich Odessa Ukr
Shmuskevich Riga Lat
Shnaberg Byel
Shnaider Sh.L. Novograd-Volynsky, Zhitomir regio Ukr
Shnaider Ya.M. Chernovtsy Ukr
Shnaiderman B. Dnepropetrovsk Ukr
Shoikhet Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Sholomiansky Uvarovichi, Gomel region Byel
Shor A.G. Baramcha Mold
Shor E.A. Vishki, Daugavpils region Lat
Shpigel I.M. Kiev Ukr
Shpigel I.M. Shepetovka, Ukr
Shpigel M.M. Shepetovka Ukr
Shpiner Odessa Ukr
Shpitalnik Ya.P. Chepovichi, Zhitomir region Ukr
Shpitalnik Ya.P. Kiev Ukr
Shpitalnik Ye.P. Chepovichi, Zhitomir region Ukr
Shpitalnik Ye.P. Kiev Ukr
Shpungin Livany Lat
Shpungin Riga Lat
Shraiderman Kiev Ukr
Shteiman Kiev Ukr
Shteinberg A.A. Kiev Ukr
Shteinberg S.R. Kirovograd Ukr
Shteinberg S.R. Letichev, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Shteinberg Sh.D. Kishinev Mold
Shtern Kiev region Ukr
Shtilman Belilovka, Zhitomir region Ukr
Shtilman Kiev Ukr
Shtromberg Aleksandria, Kherson region Ukr
Shtromvasser M.A. Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Shturman V.N. Kalinovka, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Shturman V.N. Kazatin, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Shturman V.N. Lvov Ukr
Shur Lith
Shuster A.S. Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Shuster G.S. Bershad, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Shuster G.S. Iziaslav, Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Shvarts Ye. G. Dnepropetrovsk Ukr
Shvarts Ye. G. Riga Lat
Shvartsburd Kiev Ukr
Shvartsburd Korostyshev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Shvartsman B.G. Olgopol, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Shvartsman B.M. Odessa Ukr
Shvartsman M.F. Vinnitsa region Ukr
Shvartsman S.M. Odessa Ukr
Shvartsmus Kotovsk, Odessa region Ukr
Sigal B. M. Zakharyevka, Odessa region Ukr
Sigal G. M. Kopaigorod, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Sigalov Kiev Ukr
Sigalov Pavoloch, Zhitomir region Ukr
Sikor Bershad, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Silshut Stalino, Donetsk region Ukr
Sirota V. M. Odessa Ukr
Skladman Soroki Mold
Skliut Kiev Ukr
Skliut Zaslavl, Minsk region Byel
Skripnichenko Ivano-Frankovsk Ukr
Skripnichenko Izmail Ukr
Slavin Ye. A. Lepel, Vitebsk region Byel
Slavkin Gomel Byel
Slep Volochisk Ukr
Slobodnik Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Slobodnik Kiev Ukr
Slobodov Priluki, Poltava region Ukr
Slutsky Ya. S. Borzna, Chernigov region Ukr
Slutsky Ya. S. Lvov Ukr
Smoliakov Krichev Byel
Smoliar M. M. Novograd-Volynsky, Zhitomir regio Ukr
Smoliar M. M. Toporishche, Zhitomir region Ukr
Sokolinsky Chigirin Ukr
Sokolsky Kiev Ukr
Sokolsky Vinograd Ukr
Solodovnik Pervomaisk, Odessa region Ukr
Solodovnik Riga Lat
Solovyev Odessa Ukr
Son Pliavinias Lat
Son Riga Lat
Soobtskov Jordan
Soroka Kiev Ukr
Soroka Malin, Zhitomir region Ukr
Spector O. Sh. Chechelnik, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Spichnikov Odessa Ukr
Spivak Gomel region Byel
Spivak M. Ya. Bershad, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Spivak M. Ya. Odessa Ukr
Spreiregen Minsk Byel
Srulevich Chernovtsy Ukr
Stanik L. A. Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Stanik L. A. Tashkent Uzbek
Stanik Yu. I. Lvov Ukr
Stepansky B. Ya. Liubar, Zhitomir region Ukr
Stepansky B. Ya. Lvov Ukr
Stepansky L. I. Lvov? Ukr
Sterlin Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Stoliar Odessa Ukr
Stotland Bozor, Zhitomir region Ukr
Stotland Riga Lat
Strugach Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Sukharevsky Poltava Ukr
Surazhsky Kharkov Ukr
Surazhsky Sumy Ukr
Svetsky Berdichev, Zhitomir region Ukr
Svetsky Kiev Ukr
Tabakov Kiev Ukr
Takserman Odessa Ukr
Talis Bershad, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Talis Odessa Ukr
Tarnopolsky Nezhin Ukr
Tarsky Kiev Ukr
Tashlitsky Kirovograd, Odessa region Ukr
Tashlitsky Lvov Ukr
Tesler Kamenka Mold
Tilman Odessa Ukr
Tilman Razdelnoye, Odessa region Ukr
Tkach A. I. Balta, Odessa region Ukr
Tkach A. I. Lvov Ukr
Tokman Kiev Ukr
Tovarovsky Kiev region Ukr
Trakhtenberg Fastov, Kiev region Ukr
Trakhtenberg I.P. Odessa Ukr
Treiger Krutye, Odessa region Ukr
Trosman Sh. Ya. Budolitki, Zhitomir region Ukr
Trosman Sh. Ya. Kiev Ukr
Trubnikov Kh. B. Gorodok Byel
Trukhler Ya. Mizor, Rovno region Ukr
Tseitlin Nevel Byel
Tsekher Kiev Ukr
Tselesin Mozyr Byel
Tsenter I.A. Parichi, Bobruisk area, Gomel reg Byel
Tsenter Kh. E. Parichi, Bobruisk area, Gomel reg Byel
Tsigelman Zhmerinka, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Tsilevich Fergana Uzbek
Tsimanis Riga Lat
Tsin Kiev Ukr
Tsindelis Lith
Tsitovsky Konotop Ukr
Tsitrinel N.Z. Odessa Ukr
Tulchinsky-Kubans Odessa Ukr
Turyan Lebeda Ukr
Umansky F. Ya. Odessa Ukr
Ushpolis Vilnius Lith
Vainberg Kiev Ukr
Vainrub Novy Borisov Byel
Vainshtein Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region Ukr
Vainshtein Kiev Ukr
Vainshtein Kiev Ukr
Vainshtein Zhitomir Ukr
Vainshtok Riga Lat
Vainshtok Tulchin, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Vaintraub Odessa Ukr
Vaintraub Savran, Odessa region Ukr
Vaisberg Kiev Ukr
Vaisberg B. Odessa Ukr
Vaise Khmelnitsky Ukr
Vaisenberg Balta, Odessa region Ukr
Vaisenberg Odessa Ukr
Vaisman Byel
Vaisman Baku Azerb
Vaisman Chernovtsy Ukr
Vakhovsky Kiev Ukr
Vakhovsky-Muravin Kiev Ukr
Vaks A. Zhitomir Ukr
Vaks P. Zhitomir Ukr
Vaks Sh. Zhitomir Ukr
Vaksman Chemirovtsy , Khmelnitsky region Ukr
Vaksman Kiev Ukr
Vaksman Krasnopolye Byel
Vaksman Odessa Ukr
Vaksman Zhitomir Ukr
Vaksman Kh.N. Berezovka, Odessa region Ukr
Vaksman Kh.N. Tiraspol Mold
Valdman Chernovtsy Ukr
Valiansky Smela Ukr
Varshitsky Vinnitsa Ukr
Vaser Z.S. Lvov Ukr
Vaser Z.S. Lvov Ukr
Vaser Z.S. Lvov Ukr
Vaser Z.S. Vitebsk Byel
Vaser Z.S. Vitebsk Byel
Vaser Z.S. Vitebsk Byel
Vaserman Kiev Ukr
Vedmedev Odessa Ukr
Veinerman Tbilisi Georgia
Veitsman Kiev Ukr
Veitsman Vakhnovka, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Verkh Odessa Ukr
Verkh Vinnitsa region Ukr
Vernik Odessa Ukr
Vikhman Bobruisk, Mogilev region Byel
Vikhnin Shchedrin Byel
Vilensky Kaunas Lith
Vilensky Kiev Ukr
Vinarsky Kiev Ukr
Vinnik Donetsk Ukr
Vinnik Lvov Ukr
Vinogradov Krolevets Ukr
Vinogradov N. Odessa Ukr
Vinogradov N. Tashkent Uzbek
Vinogradov Ya. Ukr
Vinokur Kiev Ukr
Vinokurov S. Kiev Ukr
Vishnivetsky Boyarka, Kiev region Ukr
Vishnivetsky Buki, Kiev region Ukr
Voikhansky Gorodok, Vitebsk region Byel
Vokhgelt Odessa Ukr
Vokhgelt Pikov n. Vinnitsa Ukr
Voldman Faleshty Mold
Volfson Sobolevka, Podolia Ukr
Volodarsky Shpola, Cherkassy region Ukr
Volpe Rakhil Solo Kaunas Lith
Volynsky Ukr
Vorob'yev Kiev Ukr
Vorob'yev Pinsk Byel
Voshchin Gaisin, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Voshchin Riga Lat
Vovchik Lipovets, Vinnitsa region Ukr
Vysotsky Kiev Ukr
Vysotsky Radomyshl, Zhitomir region Ukr
Yadlin Odessa Ukr
Yaffa Romanovka Mold
Yakubovsky Samarkand Uzbek
Yakubzon Kakhovka, Kherson region Ukr
Yankovsky Kiev Ukr
Yankovsky Romny, Sumy region Ukr
Yanovitsky Vitebsk Byel
Yaroslavsky Kiev Ukr
Yarovoi Malin, Zhitomir region Ukr
Yefes Shklov area, Mogilev region Byel
Yufa Chernigov region Ukr
Yukhtman Balta, Odessa region Ukr
Yukhtman Odessa Ukr
Yusim Kiev Ukr
Yusupov Uzbek
Zabelinsky Uman, Cherkassy region Ukr
Zabezhinsky Vitebsk Byel
Zaidenberg Kiev Ukr
Zak Krustpils Lat
Zaltsman M. Kharkov Ukr
Zaltsman O. Odessa Ukr
Zaretsky Gomel Byel
Zaretsky Lvov Ukr
Zaslavsky Kiev Ukr
Zeigermakher Kiev Ukr
Zelitsky Odessa Ukr
Zeltsman Odessa Ukr
Zemlinsky Ukr
Zernitsky Diatinovo Byel
Zernitsky Minsk Byel
Zheludev Gomel Byel
Zherdev Sukhumi Abkhazi
Zhilitsky Kiev Ukr
Zhitlenok Kiev Ukr
Zhurkovsky Minsk Byel
Zhurkovsky Shterndorf, Kherson region Ukr
Zilberberg Gorodeny Mold
Zilberberg Odessa Ukr
Zilberbrand Kiev Ukr
Zilberbrand Ovruch, Zhitomir region Ukr
Zilberleit Kiev Ukr
Zilberman Odessa Ukr
Zindels Lipovtsy Ukr
Zinder Zhitomir Ukr
Zlatin Mogilev Byel