LUHANS'K, Ukraine                                                                                                                                                                                        Boris Feldblyum Collection

                (also Луга́нськ, Luhansk, Луга́нск, Vorishilovgrad)

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un-catalogued images      

Kazan Street and the Town Hall.. 1914.

Business sign reads: Printing Shop of I. S. [illegible].

Petrograd Street. 1914.


Perspective of Anglijskaya Street (crossing Post St.) and Uspenskij Garden. 1914.

Business signs read: B. A. Dimant Furniture and Mirror Store;

Wooden bridge across Luganka River. 1914.

Uspenskij Garden. 1914.

Business signs read: Fashion and Fabric Store.

keywords: cannon;

Petrograd Street. 1914.

Business signs read: A. & R. Rojzentsvajg's (variants: Roizentzvaig, Roizentzveig, Roizentwejg) Clothing Store; Tomilin; Z. M. Rotshtejn's (variants: Rotstein, Rotsztejn) Clothing Store.

Post Street. 1914.

Business sign reads: A. I. Mints (variant: Mintz) Wallpaper Store.


Pushkin Street. 1914.

Business signs read: A. I. Elenskaya's Printing and Bookbinding Shop; Photographic Studio; S. M. Gammershtejn (variants: Gammershtein, Gamersztejn, Hammerstein) Book Store.

Business Directory (Russian), 1911.