Interior Decoration Projects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Boris Feldblyum Photography /  Collection

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Office interior, Washington, DC.

View at the Kennedy Center from Georgetown waterfront. 2006.


Eiffel Tower. Version 2.

Library of Congress, Washington, DC. 2003.

White House. Winter 1926-27.

Office interior, Washington, DC.

Mundal, Norway. 1890's.

Old Executive Office Building, Washington, DC.

New Jersey Avenue, Washington, DC. 2006.

Tampa Airport. European style bistro.

Marriot Courtyard. Quebec City.

Baltimore, Light Street Marriott.

Baltimore. Broadway Overlook Apartmement.
Concepts, proposals        

American Iron and Steel Institute, lobby.
Client: OTJ

Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Retail store.
CLient: HMS Host

Baltimore, MD. Apartment building, lobby.
Client: buildng owner.

Tower of Babel. Installation concept..

Hallway. Images are displayed on the right.

Conference room.