Image restoration, enhancement, and transformation                                                                                                                                                                                            Boris Feldblyum Architectural Photography


Restoration techniques, especially digital restoration which became possible only in recent years, give second life to old images.  The most common type of work is restoring an old stained and scratched photo into a stunning exhibition quality image.  Other types of restoration, e.g. blocking an undesired background,  restoring missing details, perspective correction, colorization, etc. are possible as well. 

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02381_before_after_color.jpg (63701 bytes)


persp_corr_01.jpg (43953 bytes)

Perspective Correction

Distortion Correction

Emphasis on main element

wc_before_after_01.jpg (39231 bytes)

Watercolor Transformation

02378_03_4x6.jpg (56155 bytes)

Antique Image Imitation

Half-tone screen reduction

Half-tone screen reduction - detail

Color separation