LAKEWOOD, NJ, USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Boris Feldblyum Architectural Photography

                                  Reference page. All photos copyright Boris Feldblyum.

                                 All images are available for purchase and commercial licensing as stock photography.

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33 East 8th Street.
Beit Tefilah. 2013.

402 13th Street West.
Congregation Anshei Sfard. 2013.
Architect: Lawrence S. Schreiber

10th and Clifton Streets.
Bet Aharon (Aharon b. Elyahu Yehuda ha-Kohen). 2013

350 Courtney Road.
Ateres Chana. 2013.

350 Courtney Road.
Ateres Faiga. 2013.

Madison Avenue & 4th Street.
Hora-a and Beit Din. 2013.
Architect: BF Design (2013)

Princeton Avenue & 8th Street.
Talmud Torah Joel [Teitelbaum]. 2013.

818 Princeton Avenue.
Gan Rivka [b. Avraham b. Yehuda Lichtenstein]. 2013.

Ridge Avenue & 4th Street.
Congregation Sons of Israel, built ca.1907.