ODESSA, Ukraine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Boris Feldblyum Collection

                                  (also Odesa, Одесса, Одеса)

                                  Reference page. All photos copyright Boris Feldblyum or other sources.

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Alexandrovskij Park. Early 1900's.

Andreevsky Liman. Photo 1890s.


Bolshoj Fontan. Early 1900's.


Boulevard and Harbor. Early 1900's.

Corner of Deribasovskaya and Rishelyevskaya Streets. Photo ca. 1912.


Deribasovskaya, corner Rishelyevskaya.


Deribasovskaya, corner Ekaterininskaya Street. Ca. 1913.

Sent as postcard to M. A. Nedzelnitzky in Kiev.


Palace of Justice and St, Panteleimon Church.Photo 1890s.



Longeron Street.


Hotel London

Public Library. Photo 1890s.

Public Library. Photo ca. 1911.

Sent as postcard M.Glazer in Odessa to R. Zbarsky c/o R. Khazanov in Kherson.

Early 1900's.


Maly Fontan.Photo 1890s.



Marazlievskaya street

Medical School. Early 1900's.

Publisher: Hermann Poy in Dresden.


Street car depot at the corner of Nezhin and Tiraspol Streets. Photo early 1900's.

Opera Theatre. Architects: Fellner & Helmer (1887).  Photo 1890s.




Synagogue at Pochtovaya & Pushkinskaya Streets.

Port. 1978.

Potemkin Stairs.Photo 1890s.


Early 1900's.


Prakticheskaya Gavan.  Photo 1890s.

Preobrazhenskaya Street, corner Elisavetinskaya. Business sign reads: Furnished Apartments; advertisement poster reads: Races. Photo early 1900's.

Privoz market. 1978.

Sadovaya Street from the Corner of Preobrazhenskaya and Deribasovskaya. Business sign reads: Nurik Medical Supplies Trading Company.  Early 1900's.



Old Quarantine Pier. Ca. 1902.

Quarantine Bay. Early 1900's.


Cruise ship Rossiya near Odessa. Photo ca. 1960.

Reform Church. Photo ca. 1900.

Reform Church. Photo ca. 1910.

Sent as postcard from Perevaloff (variant: Perevalov) in Rovno to E. Masterman in Lincoln, NE, USA.

Rishelyevskaya Street toward Opera Theatre. Photo 1890s.

Richelieu Monumnet. 1978.

Stock Exchange. Photo early 1900's.

Birzhevaya (i.e. Stock Exchange) Square. Early 1900s.


Tyuremnaya (Prison) Square. Photo 1890s.


Zhukovsky Street


Shopping arcade


City park.


Information kiosk.


Jewish trade school ORT.

Street view during World War II. German photo 1944.

World War II memorial. 1978.
Unidentified locations. 1978.        





Portrait of Semion (Solomon) Frug, Russin-Yiddish poet. 1860, Bobrovyj Kut, Ukraine-1916, Odessa, Ukraine. Published as postcard. Sent by Aron Kravitz in Shavli, Russia to Esther Kravitz in Lausanne, Switzerland. Document 1904.

Isaak Masyukov (Масюков).
B. Gotlib (Готлиб ) studio. Photo 1918.


Godel Vajsman (variants: Vaysmamn, Вайсман). ID photo, 1953.

Letter (envelope) seny from the F. Kudryavtsev (variant: Кудрявцев) in Akimovka (Акимовка) to N. Tereshchenko (variant: Терещенко). Doсument 1910.

More un-catalogued images and documents:

- Shtivelman - Gorbulev engagement announcement. 1912.

- Studio portrait. Unidentified man. O, G. Vajnshtejn's Studio (variants Vainshtein, Vainstein, Wainsztejn, Wainstein, Вайнштейн). Rishelyevskaya Street, G. Feldman's (variants Fel'dman, Фельдман) House, form. Babodjan's (variants Babodzhan, Бабоджан). Photo 1882.