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800 16th Street, NW.
Hay Adams Hotel. 2011.


932 16th Street, NW.

St. Regis Hotel (also Sheraton-Carlton). 2004.

Architect: Mehran Mesrobian, 1926.

910 16th Street, NW.

Third Church of Christ, Scientist/Christian Science Monitor Building. 2005.

Architect: I. M. Pei & Partners, 1970.

926 16th Street, NW.  2005.

1100 16th Street, NW. 2013

Sultanate of Oman Cultural Center.

1100 16th Street, NW, L Street facade. 2004.

1119 16th Street, NW.

Russian Embassy (Pullman House). 2005.

Architect: Wyeth & Sulilvan, 1910.


1146 16th Street, NW.

Hubbard Memorial Library. 2005.

Architect: Hornblower & Marshall, 1902.

1155 16th Street, NW.

American Chemical Society (Clifford and Kathryn Hach building). 2009.

Architect (renovation): Hickok Warner Architects. 1994

1200 16th Street, NW.

Jefferson Hotel. 1910's.

Skylight restoration: Botti Studio. 2007.

1328 16th Street, NW.

First Baptist Church. 2006.

1501 16th Street, NW. 2006.

1529 16th Street, NW.

Jewish Community Center. 2005

Architect: B. Stanley Simmons, 1920. Renovation: Ayers/Saint/Gross, 1997.

1720 16th Street, NW.

Toutorsky Mansion.

Architect: William Henry Miller (1894)

1733 16th Street, NW.

Temple of Scottish Rite. 2006.


2400 16th Street, NW. 1930s.

[P. J. Kohlhammer, Manager; 300 car garage]

2400 16th Street, NW.

The Envoy. 2006

2420 16th Street, NW.

The Diplomat. 2011

2434 16th Street, NW.

2440 16th Street, NW.

Park Tower. 2006

Architect: William Harris (1929).

2460 16th Street, NW.
Architect: George Oakley Totten Jr (1908)

2480 16th Street, NW.

Dorchester House. 2011

2633 16th Street, NW.

Warder-Totten House. 2005.


2700 16th Street, NW.  2011.
Old Italian Embassy.

Architect: Warren and Wetmore, 1925.

2700 16th Street, NW.

2829 16th Street, NW.

Mexican Cultural Institute. 2005.

3039 16th Street. Zydeco Lofts. 2006

3060 16th Street. 2006


16th Street & Park Road, NW.

Church of the Sacred Heart. 2005.