Washington, DC, USA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Boris Feldblyum Photography / Collection

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Historic images of Washington

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Panoramas etc.

U.S. Capitol

WhiteHouse_2003101962w.jpg (51384 bytes)

The White House



1st Street NE

1st Street NW

2nd Street NE

2nd Street NW

3rd Street NE

3rd Street NW

3rd Street SE


4th Street NE

4th Street NW

5th Street NW

6th Street NW


6th Street SW


7th Street NW

7th Street SW


8th Street NW


8th Street SE

9th Street, NW

10th Street NW

11th Street NW

12th Street NW

13th Street NW

14_NW_look_S_2004032347-49w.jpg (39272 bytes)

14th Street NW


15th Street NW

16th Street NW

17th Street, NW. 2003


18th Street NW

19th Street NW

20th Street NW


21st Street NW


22nd Street NW

23rd Street NW


24th Street NW


26th Street, NW

31st Street NW

36th Street NW



A Street SE

C Street, NW


D Street NW

D Street SW

E Street NW


F Street NE

F Street NW

G street NE

1000_G_NW_2004011513-14w.jpg (42285 bytes)

G Street NW


H Street NE

H Street NW

I Street NW

I Street SW

K Street NW


L Street NW

M Street NW

M_Str_SE_2004011529aw.jpg (35011 bytes)

M Street SE


N Street NW


O Street NW

P Street NW

Q Street NW

S Street NW

T Street NW


U Street NW

W Street NW

Arlington Memorial Bridge

Belmont Street, NW


Blair Road, NW



East Capitol Street

North Capitol Street

Cedar Street, NW

Church Street NW

City Center

Columbia Road NW

Connecticut Avenue NW

Constitution Avenue, NW

Dupont Circle

Euclid Street, NW


Florida Avenue, NE

Florida Avenue, NW

Foxhall Crescents, NW

Foxhall Road, NW


Georgia Avenue NW

Girard Street, NW

Grace Street, NW


Harewood Road, NE

Harvard Street NW

Highland Place NW

Hillyer Street NW

Independence Avenue SE

Independence Avenue SW

Indiana Avenue, NW

International Drive NW


Lamont Street NW

L'Enfant Plaza

Linnean Avenue, NW

Logan Circle


MacArthur Boulevard, NW


Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue. SE

Maryland Avenue, SW

Massachusetts Avenue NW


Meridian Hill Park

Michigan Ave NE

Mount Vernon Square


Nebrasksa Avenue, NW


Newark Street NW

New Hampshire Avenue NW

New Jersey Avenue NW

New York Avenue NW

New York Avenue, NE


Observatory Circle, NW

Ordway Street NW


Pennsylvania Avenue, NW



Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Potomac Avenue NW

Prospect Street, NW 

Quincy Street, NE


Reservoir Road NW

Rhode Island Avenue, NW.

Rhode Island Avenue, NE

South Street, NW

Thomas Circle

Vermont Avenue, NW


Virginia Avenue NW


Washington Harbour

Water Street, SW

Whitehaven Street NW

Wisconsin&M_2004012601-2w.jpg (33470 bytes)

Wisconsin Avenue NW

Woodley Road, NW

Wyoming Avenue NW

    Georgetown_from_Kennedy_ctr_2003061516w.jpg (49178 bytes)



Kennedy Center


Key Bridge and Roslyn, VA. 2004



Library of Congress

Wedding_Jefferson_Memorial_20030427w.jpg (56611 bytes)

The Mall



National Gallery of Arts, East

National Gallery of Arts, West

National Zoo

Rock Creek Park


Un-catalogued photos


- Whitehurst Freeway. 2008.

Editorial Subjects

- Yiddish Writers Festival. 4/1/1984.
              Estelle Deutsch Abraham, Joy Gold, Ida Levick, Elaine Mann, Velvel Rosenbloom, Rita Rubinstein, Flora Singer, Myra Sklarew, Herman Taube, Max Ticktin, Zalman Wassertzug, others.