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401 F Street NW.  National Building Museum


610 F Street, NW.

Shakespeare Theatre Sidney Harman Hall. 2007.

Base building architect: Smith Group.



700 F Street NW.

Hotel Monaco (Tariff Building). 2005

Architect: Robert Mills, 1842.

Patent Office (later National Portrait Gallery). Photo 1904.

800 F Street NW.  2005.


800 F Street NW.

Zola Restaurant. 2005

800 F Street NW.

International Spy Museum. 2005


900 F Street NW

Marriott Courtyard Hotel (form. Riggs National Bank). 2005.

Architect: James G. Hill, 1891; Arthur Heaton, 1927; Gordon & Greenberg (renovation) 1998



901 F Street NW. Old Masonic Hall. 2004.

Architect: Cluss & Kammerheuber, 1868.

910-918 F Street NW. 2011.

912 F str: Ventana Condominiums. Architect: Shalom Baranes, 2006.

F street at 11th, looking South. 2015.

F Street at 13th, looking West. 2016.

1309 F street, NW.
Architect: Porter & Lockie (1932).
Original name: Brownley's.

F Street at 14th, looking East. Photo 1920's.

Business sign reads: Neiberger Military Tailors.

14th & F Streets NW. National Press Building. 1929.


2700 F street, NW.
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts