Washington, DC      H Street NW                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Boris Feldblyum Architectural Photography

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Historic images of Washington

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H Street at 2nd, looking East. 2007.

251 H Street, NW. AIPAC.
Architect: SmithGroup (2008)

477 H Street NW. 2005.

477 H Street NW. 2006.

500 block H Street NW. 2006.

500 block H Street NW. 2006.

503 H Street NW. 2006.

507 H Street NW. 2006.

509 H Street NW. 2006.

609-611 H Street NW. 2011.

617 H Street NW. 2011.

617-619 H Street NW. 2011.

623 H Street NW. 2011.

623 H Street NW. 2011.

H Street NW at 7th, looking East. 2010

H Street NW at 8th, looking East. 2005

Grand Hyatt Hotel. 1000 H Street NW. 2003

Architects: RTKL & Associates

1250 H Street, NW

H Street at 13th, looking West. 2012.

H Street NW, view East.

1400 H street NW.


1510 H Street, NW

1700 H Street, NW.
Metropolitan Club of Washington DC
Architect: Heins & La Faiger (1906)

H Street and 22nd Street, NW.
Alexander Pushkin statue.
Sculptor: Alexander Bourganov (2000)