Washington, DC          M Street NW                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Boris Feldblyum Architectural Photography

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1518 M Street, NW. Metropolitan AME Church. 2005.

1800 M Street, NW.

Buillt 1975. Photo 2003.

Architects: Leo A. Daly (renovation). VOA (renovation, 2012)


1800 M Street, NW


19th Street at M Street. 2006.

19th Street at M Street. 2006.

2030 M Street NW. 2004  

2100 M Street NW. 2009


3051 M Street, NW. Old Stone House. 2004

Builder: Christopher Layman, ca. 1766.

M & 31st Streets, NW. 2004.

3100 M Street, NW. 2004.

3100 M Street, NW. 2004.


Wisconsin&M_2004012601-2w.jpg (33470 bytes)

Georgetown. Wisconsin & M Streets. 2004


Georgetown Park. 2003.

Georgetown Park. 2003.

Dean & Deluca (Georgetown Market). 3276 M Street, NW. 2004.

3600 M Street, NW. Capitol Traction Company Union Station (Georgetown Car Barn.  2005.

Architect: Waddy B. Wood, 1897.


View from Arlington, 2006.