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John Marshall park.

555 Pennsylvania Ave, NW.
Newseum. Photo 2011.

Architect: Polshek Partnership (2008)

Pennsylvania Avenue, NW at 6th Street looking West. Photo 1904.

600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Architect: Bennett Parsons & Frost (1938)

Pennsylvania Avenue at 7th Street. Stephenson Memorial.

Temperance  Fountain (1882)

National Archives

Pennsylvania Avenue at 7th Street, view NE. Photo 1981.

801 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. Market Square/Navy Memorial.

Architect: Hartman-Cox, 1990


935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. 2014.

J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBI Headquarters).

Architect: C.F. Murphy & Associates, 1974


950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.  Department of Justice (DOJ)

1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. 2004.

Architect: Hartman-Cox, 1987


Old Post Office/The Pavilion/Trump Hotel. 2005.

Pennsylvania Avenue from The Old Post Office. View East. 2014.

Pennsylvania Avenue at 11th Street NW. July 4, 1903.

Evening Star Building.
1101 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. 2004.

Architect: Marsh & Peter, 1898; Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1988-1989

Photo 2014.

Roof terrace. 2014

Hotel Raleigh. 12th & PA. 1900s.

1275 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.  2013.

Pennsylvania Avenue at 13th Street. View East. 2013.

View South at 13th and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. 2013.
Ronal Reagan Building is on the foreground.

PA_ave_1989070519-28web.jpg (73946 bytes)

Pennsylvania Ave, view East. 1989.

1299 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

The Warner Building. 2005.



1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

Ronald Reagan Building. 2013.

Architect: James Ingo Freed (1998)

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

Ronald Reagan Building. 2009.


Freedom Plaza/Pershing Park

1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

1321 Pennsylvania Avenue.
National Theatre. 2013.

1321 Pennsylvania Avenue.

National Theatre. 2014.

1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
JW Marriott Hotel.
Architect: Mitchell/Giurgola (1984)

1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.  JW Marriott Hotel. 2005.


1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

John Wilson Building (District Building) South facade. 2005.

New Willard Hotel. Ca. 1910s.

1401 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Willard Hotel. 2014.


Treasury Department. South facade.

Treasury. Photo 1937.


Treasury. Photo 1904.

Pennsylvania Avenue, NW at Treasury. Photo 1904.

1661 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Renwick Gallery.
Statue of Peter Paul Rubens.

1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Architect: Vlastimil Koubek (1963).

1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Architect: Weihe Partnership (1964)

1775 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Architect: Hartman-Cox (1975).

1800 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. World Bank. 2005

Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (1997)

Roger Smith Hotel. 1930's.

1899 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Architect: Leo A. Daly (2002)

1911 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Embassy of Mexico.
Architect: Peter Vercelli (1986)

1914-1916 Pennsylvania Avenue.
William Hahn & Co's. Shoes and Stockings. Advertisement 1915.

1919 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Architect: .. (1979)

2001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Jamaes Monroe Building.
Architect: Davis Buckley Architects & Planners (1990)

2011 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Pepperdine University.

2099 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

Architect: Pei, Cobb, Freed (2005)

2099 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

2100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
Architect: RTKL (1966)

2100 Pennsylvania Ave. Department of State.
Interior Design: OTJ (2004)

2121 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.
International Finance Corporation Headquarters.
Architect: Michael Graves and Associates (1996)
Replaced a building by Vlastimil Koubek.

2134-2150 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

Photo 2006.

Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, view East.

Photo 2006.

Pennsylvania Avenue at 22nd Street NW, view East. Photo 2006.
On the left: IFC Headquarters.
Architect: Michael Graves and Associates (1996)
On the right: 2150 Pennsylvania Avenue
Architect: Robert Scholz (1931)

2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. 2011.
The Avenue.
Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli (2011)