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Annapolis, MD. The Westin at Park Place.

Bangkok, Thailand. Millennium Hilton.

Parkersburg, WV, USA. The Blennerhassett Hotel. 2005


Reston, VA, USA. Westin Hotel at Reston Heights. 2008.

DoubleTree_Rockville_MD_2004041703w.jpg (47748 bytes)

Rockville, MD, USA. Hilton. 2004.


Santa Fe, NM, USA. Hotel St. Francis. 2008


San Francisco, CA. 2014

San Francisco, CA. 2014

Sochi, Russia. 1964.
Vancouver_2002081812w.jpg (77333 bytes)

Vancouver, Canada

Washington, DC, USA Best Western Capitol Skyline. 2005.

Architect: Morris Lapidus.

Washington, DC, USA.  Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Architects: RTKL & Associates

Washington, DC, USA Hyatt Regency Hotel. 2005

Interior design: Looney and Associates



Mandarin_05_03w.jpg (57097 bytes)

Washington, DC, USA Mandarin Hotel under construction. 2003.

Washington, DC, USA  Marriott Courtyard Hotel (form. Riggs National Bank). 2005.

Architect: James G. Gill, 1891; Arthur Heaton, 1927; Gordon & Greenberg (renovation) 1998

Washington, DC  Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. 2005.

Architect: Mihran Mesrobian, 1918.  Renovation: ACG Architects.

Washington, DC, USA JW Marriott Hotel. 2005.


Washington, DC, USA  Hotel Monaco (Tariff Building). 2005

Architect: Robert Mills, 1842.


Washington, DC  The Mayflower. 2005.

Washington, DC, USA Washington Plaza Hotel. 2005.

Architect: Morris Lapidus.

Washington, DC, USA Ritz-Carlton/Georgetown Incinerator Complex,  3100 South Street. 2004.

Washington, DC, USA.  St. Regis Hotel (also Sheraton-Carlton). 2004.

Architect: Mehran Mesrobian, 1926.



Aquascalientes, Mexico. Hotel Washington_www.jpg (72562 bytes)
Aquascalientes, Mexico. Hotel Washington
Cuernavaca. Calle Cuerrero.jpg (61598 bytes)
Cuernavaca, Mexico. Calle Cuerrero
Cuernavaca. Hotel La Bella Vista_www.jpg (50929 bytes)

Cuernavaca, Mexico. Hotel La Bella Vista

Greensburg, PA, USA. 1980's

Harbin, China. Hotel Modern. 1930

Kiev, Ukraine. Hotel Continental

Mexico city. Hotel Genova_www.jpg (38386 bytes)

Mexico city. Hotel Genova

Palanga, Lithuania. 1930's.

PuntaGorda_03web.jpg (50334 bytes)

PUNTA GORDA, FL.   Hotel Charlotte Harbor. The Golf Club House. 1920s.

Rockville, MD. 1908

St. Petersburg, Russia. Hotel Europa. Early 1900's.

Warsaw, Poland. Hotel European. Early 1900's.

Washington, DC, USA Wardman Park Hotel. 1923.

Washington, DC, USA Hotel Raleigh. 12th & PA. 1900s.

Washington, DC, USA. Roger Smith Hotel. 1930's

Washington, DC, USA. Hotel Hamilton (presently Hamilton Crowne Plaza).  1920's